90 comments on “Answers to the top questions about Duck Dynasty

  1. I love the show and its been great family time. However, Phil is starting to make comments (it seems to be turning into at least one an episode) that I don’t feel are appropriate for 1) a church leader to be saying in a VERY public forum and 2) for my children to be hearing. I’m almost to the point where I’m going to have to preview or just fast forward if Phil is involved, especially if Miss Kay is there. No one needs to hear anything about what goes on behind closed doors in a marriage. They need to focus on what got them in such a popular position and not take this wonderful show in a worldly direction!!! Would love it if you passed this along to him.

    • Are u serious the tv shows on that show you scenes or bloody sickly scenes are ok or men kissing men women kissing and in bed with women you would just like to discuss that with your kids . A little humor is fine maybe you should realize your kids hear worse prob. At school or when there playing with friends.just sit back and enjoy a show that is fit for ALL family members.

    • I’m offended by this comment, what with the world we live in. It’s small jokes about MARITAL sex and I reckon if children didn’t watch actual SICK things, they wouldn’t even get it. There is nothing wrong with speaking and joking of this, nothing. Little tiny jokes about something that is pure offends you? I’m really sorry for that because that means your children can’t watch anything ELSE on tv at all, even commercials. Sex is in the bible and if you wanna get personal, I can show you some scripture that might make ya blush. If it’s in the bible, there’s nothing wrong with that. Children need to learn that sex is for marriage and marriage only. They don’t show anything at all. Phil’s jokes are funny and beautiful at the same time. Since this show aired, my family and I are actually closer. We never forget to pray before meals. Our lives have changed because of the Robertson’s and I’ve never even met them. My dream is to be re baptized by Phil, he’s a good man. I even tear up as I wrote this. There’s nothing wrong with anything that Phil says. I’ll take up for him to my grave. Love you, Phil….don’t ever change. Please never change a thing.

  2. Canada loves watching these guys, and I do get the feeling that they are really just a bunch of down home kind of guys. I met Willy and his wife at the boat and sportsman show in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Very nice people

    • You are only one of thousands who want to hang out with them. I suggest you contact the headquarters at Duckcommander.com and maybe send a request or an email. I wouldn’t get my hopes up. It’s sort of like trying to get a dinner date with Taylor Swift. It’s not that they don’t care about their fans, they are just people with only so much time.

  3. I sure hope it stays on .its nice to have a family show on the tv that isn’t all killing solving a murder . I’d only wish they’d come to michigan to minister. God speed to the family n their show.

  4. I can watch them over and over please dont change. But time will tell. The family is very enjoyable and alot of laughs thats what we need in todays society. Alot of love laughter and God . Can i possible get a t shirt im a 55. Yr old grandma with 6 loving grandchildren. Who also watch and love Si

  5. hi i live in n.ireland , my wife has been watching duck dynasty for a few episodes now and the whole family is hooked , the kids are in laughter on the floor , we love the show so much watching from across the pond . I was wondering how long has it aired in america thanx

  6. Lady really?? The comments Phil makes are amazing!! To be married so ling and be so in love ….that is exactly what I want my children seeing…. With all thegangster videos and butts hanging out in booty shorts….dope deals downtown …. Hookers on the corner….but you prob still go dowtown…. With all the divorce going on in America I say Hell yes let your kids watch it and embrace it because they will not see a couple so in love( after that long) very often……if you are truly worried about Duck Dynasty not being the thing you want your children to watch then we don’t love in the same world…God bless you and your family I wasn’t trying to be mean just my personal opinion!! Okay now for my question to the writer….does Si really act that way and say those things or do the producers make he act talk like that way…. He is funny and prolly one of my favs but i often ask myself did he just say that? And does he really not know?? Just a question thank you!!

    • I have known Si for about 13 years. He is just being Si. He is one funny guy!
      Some of his remarks in Sunday School classes are some of the funniest things I ever heard!

  7. I am just curious. Does Phil & Kay live in the house it shows on the program or do they live elsewhere and just film at that location? Thanks

    • No. The 3rd season ends this coming Wednesday, April 24th. I look forward to season 4. Dates for next season have not been announced.


  8. Why isnt Jep’s picture on the side of the D.C. RV? I noticed also that Gordon is pictured on the side along
    with Phil and the brothers but not Jep. Why is Gordon on there and not Jep? Just curious..

      • That is who I meant I am sorry. Godwin. However, why isn’t Jep on there? And maybe he is on the side that was not shown on the show. I did notice though that on one side Jep is not on there and just thought that was odd since he is ‘family’ of the D.C. founder.

      • Jep is often the photographer and camera man. He was not featured on the Duckman video series or the 3 year run of Duckcommander on the Outdoor channel before Duck Dynasty.

  9. Royce, I also wanted to just say, ‘Thanks’ for all of the writings you have contributed on-line. I linked onto some of your blogs etc. and found a lot of helpful insight into my Christian faith and I have enjoyed reading your material. Very intriguing and resourceful! So again-Thanks-I hope more people will read your information and perhaps will even come to accept Christ as their Personal Saviour. God Bless you, Royce.

      • I’m glad I found this blog. Hope you still check it. I love them so much. All my family and friends know I’m their biggest fan. Friends post things about them on my Facebook all day long and buy me Duck Commander stuff. God love my friends, I have so many different ones of their t shirts, in triplicate and more, because people just buy me their stuff. I have many duplicates of their new blankets and Si cups and everything, hehe!! Everyone in Lexington, KY knows me as the Duck Commander girl. What better way to be known!! 🙂

    • The started calling their parents Phil and Kay when they were little and usually still do. You should read Willie and Korie”s book.

  10. Does Si have a family? I didn’t see them on Hawaii trip? Si reminds me of an uncle I had!
    Did they get their contracts settled? Great show!

  11. This is the most fun show! I love the Robertson family and my family does too. One time when I ent to sleep after many episodes of Duck Dynasty, I dreamed about it. My dreams were happy, happy happy!

  12. I am a Deacon and Sunday School Superintendent of a small independent Baptist church. How could I get in contact with Brother Phil to get him to come and preach for us sometime? We are very interested in having him come and preach here. Thanks.

  13. Our family LOVES the show and everything about it…the family members who are featured and seem to honestly love each other and get along well, the laughter the show brings all of our family (including grand kids, both boys AND girls who could just as easily pick camo clothing as designer duds!), and for the way they end each show around the family dinner table thanking God for all their blessings and proclaiming Jesus Christ as their Saviour! There IS hope for this world when wholesome programs like this are the #1 show on TV!!! HOLLYWOOD , take note!!!

  14. Show makes me happy happy happy!….it’s nice to see a show with values…and respect……I let my son watch all the shows and he even has the DVDs…great show….si makes laugh sooooo hard…hey….that’s a fact jack…. Brad heather and Parker from Coshocton love this show

  15. I love this beautiful Christian family soooo,much.Would love to meet them oneday!Do they do any special appreances in kentucky?

    • They have been in Kentucky but I can’t remember where or when.

      Most of the family is on the road somewhere every weekend, sharing the hope of Jesus to everyone possible.

    • Your’s is the funniest question I’ve ever had. Yes, they are Willie’s and Korie’s children. John Luke and Sadie look exactly like Willie, not Alan.

  16. Do Jase, Si and the others really work in that room at Duck Commander making duck calls? It is hard to believe Jase could afford the home he lives in at the slow rate they work. Lol. LOVE the show and all in it.

    • We now have about 10 men making calls. Jase, Si, Godwin, and Martin are so busy because of the show that they can’t do it all now. They are obligate to the film crew four days a week. The still enjoy making calls when they can but that’s not often any more.

  17. Ok, I have looked everywhere but can’t find Phil’s stats. How tall was he listed as when playing in college? It looks like Terry was a hair taller in the team photo. And it looks as if Phil is still much taller than the boys.

  18. I’m so very glad for this site, answered a lot of great questions. I am very happy to hear that Phil is not going to give any on his stance as for as what he believes. God bless you Phil and the Robertson families. I would love to meet the family.

  19. Just wanted to say thanks Royce for putting the work into this website it is fantastic! Praying for all of you in this tough time.

  20. My youngest baby girl 15 left church one wensdays nite an crossed the road got hit with a car a passed away she was they greatest Littel Jesus lover iv meet an I fell in to a sad dark place then I found DD. an it has helped me stop hatein WENDSDAYS THANK YOU ALL AN GOD BLESS HER LAST FB. REPLY WAS SHE SAID IM GOIN TO GET MY PRAYS. ON I MISS HER SO

  21. The show is very entertaining and my family relates a lot to the Robertson’s. Watching the show and reading Phil’s book has inspired me. I am a respiratory therapist and have an odd question of how to contact Willie or Jase regarding a beneficial research proposal with duck calls?

  22. Do Willie and Korie live in the house that is shown on the Duck Dynasty series? Thanks for answering a lot of our questions.

  23. Where does Willie buy his shirts at that he wears on the show? I am talking about the collared ones that are button down.

  24. I would like Willie to give me a call, I have a Idea he might be interested in, I will tell him the info, for a small percentage of the earnings. Thanks in advance

    • He isn’t interested. We only look at products with a patent, and national distribution, and then only a licensing deal is possible. It’s very unlikely at that. We have had thousands of people with ideas they want Willie to fund, many of them very good ideas. He as not done any of them. Thanks for your interest.

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