One comment on “Follow the Money!

  1. Right on brother! And think about all the unemployment caused by each increase in the minimum wage. It hurts the chance of summer employment for the teens working in restaurants, not counting what illegals do to summer jobs like lawn maintenance, landscaping, farming, construction, etc. The by products of every minimum wage increase is more sheep on unemployment comp and food stamps. I’ve even heard of recent college grads unable to find suitable employment in their field and have to take jobs in the fast food industry that are now requiring degreed people at some companies for some of their positions. I guess before long we will hearing more about Burger Flipper courses in colleges (joke? maybe not?). For me, McDonalds is only for rest stops while traveling, and certainly not for eating the stuff they call food. Think of all the times you ordered something at a fast food place and you end of with something other than what you ordered. I don’t believe by paying them more will guaranty you get what you ordered. Only a few years ago you could buy a nice fish dinner at a fancy restaurant for what you now pay about the same for a fast food burger and fries. Happy happy happy trails, Ji

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