blog is about
stuff that interests me.
usually if i think about it i have
an opinion about it, and might write
the blogmaster here is me, royce ogle.
i am just a guy who enjoys giving
extended life to his thoughts
and ideas by sharing them,
discussing them, often
defending them
and always

if you
like what
you find here
you can tell me
or tell someone else.
if you don’t like what you
find here the door is to the right.
i like history because i’ve lived a bunch
of it. i love people because they are
so doggone interesting. i love
nature because god made it.
i love cars because they
have been a part of
me for over 60

my wife
collard greens
bread pudding with
real whiskey sauce on top
someone else’s puppies and
other animals.
music (you choose)
fishing and catching and
fishing when there is no catching.
coffee on
the porch with
a pretty sunrise, a gentle
breeze, and the songs of flying
and creeping things are some, not all,
of the things i like.

i’m royce


16 comments on “about

  1. Hey Bro. Royce, Love your blog! I founded it searching for more info. about duck commander…I love those guys. My question: Your beliefs seem to be quite different from the mainstream Church of Christ, do your beliefs typically reflect WFR or are you kinda of an odd duck there…pun intended? I currently attend a Baptist Church in Ft. Worth Tx., but I too differ quite a bit with the typical Baptist. Being Baptist means about as much to me as sun bathing does to a fish. Anyway, I have you in my favorites and look foward to reading more of your blog. God Bless. Trey

    • Thanks Trey. I appreciate you reading and your comment.

      First, I’d say that WFR is quite out of the mainstream coc. Ours is a very Christ centered, grace oriented, church. Our leaders (including Phil and Alan Robertson, who are elders) are transparent and never claim any superiority and are very transparent. They like the rest of us are innately sinful creatures whose only hope is the atonement of Jesus.

      Yes, I suppose “odd duck” is a good description of me. I have a Baptist background. I was baptized by a Baptist pastor when I was 15 years old and educated in a Baptist School for preachers. But, from my early 20’s I found things that Baptists taught that didn’t exactly line up with what I found in the Bible. So, I have found in my 50 plus years of following Jesus that you eat the fish and spit out the bones when it comes to Bible teaching.

      I am unorthodox for a coc church member. I suppose at this point of my life I am more Reformed in my thinking and teaching but don’t agree with all 5 points of Calvinism. Trey, I have learned that true disciples, who keep Jesus at the center, are all preaching the same Christ who is our only way out of death and the grave. True Christians, no matter what the label, agree on far more than they disagree on. Loving one another and the mutual submission the Bible demands eliminates most of the fussing. I can disagree and not be disagreeable. There are many, many preachers and theologians I love, respect, and learn from. But there is not one that I agree 100% with all the time.

      For 13 years I have worked with and worshiped with the good folks at WFR Church and they know me, know what I believe, and love me unconditionally as far as I can tell. Since no human has every doctrine exactly right it is odd to me that some churches would try to demand doctrinal purity. We must be right about Jesus and what He has accomplished for sinners but there are scores of topics that we can disagree on with no harm done to Christ and the gospel.

      I hope you come back again and again.


  2. I actually found both sites…the grace digest first. I do appreciate your response to my question, WFR seems like a great church. The relationship that you have described with your church is very simular to mine. I gave up long ago trying to fing a church that agrees wth me…I’ve never found one…and started looking for a church were Jesus’ is the only agenda. With much prayer, I found one. Having said that, I appreciate people who have the same mindset when interpreting Scripture…so think you. It is my prayer that my life will always work to this end. Trey

  3. Hi Royce-
    I’ve been reading your blogs throughout the night and this morning and first have to tell you how wonderfully you write about our Father. This last year has been a tough one, but a blessed one as well. Without going on and on, I’m a new mommy who loves Jesus but is in the midst of transitioning into a whole new set of circumstances due to a job loss during my maternity leave. I know that God is trying to teach me (our family) so much but I’m so tired at times and working through the anger that I’m afraid I’m not paying attention to His command. So I just have to say thank you for some of the words you’ve shared, they’ve given some direction and wisdom when this heart has really truly needed it!
    I found your site while trying to search for the answer to a really frustrating question about DD. My hubby & I have been watching since the pilot, where miss Kay was going over to her daughters trailer to give a pet to her granddaughter. Miss Kay gave her a pig, ferret and eventually a puppy. This daughter & granddaughter has disappeared. Do you know who it was and why she’s no longer shown? Its just been bothering me. Thanks for any help you can offer:) take care

    • I’m sorry to hear about your difficulties. You must keep trusting God to take care of tomorrow. We live in a broken world, a different one since it was tainted by the disobedience of God’s creatures. One day it will be fixed perfectly again but until then our lives will be full of trouble but God is always in the trouble with us. He will make every event, all together, work for your good. You must trust his character and faithfulness. He is for you! That is good news.

      Now for the Duck Dynasty question. All I can come up with is that you might have misunderstood. I can assure you that Kay and Phil only have 4 children, all boys. Maybe it was a daughter-in-law? I have no memory of that episode but I’m sure there is no daughter. I have known the family well for now over 13 years.

      Thanks for reading and commenting,

      • Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve always been a strong believer and a strong person but I can genuinely say that I’m as weak as I’ve ever felt. I read my devotions each day hoping that God will just turn my heart around because its just not me to feel this way so I know that He’s trying to say something to me but I just don’t know what it is? Let me ask you this….what do you do when you just don’t hear God anymore? I know that I have to keep reading my bible and trust that in time things will change and He will change my heart, I just wonder why when we as Christians struggle, why it seems we loose the feeling of the Holy Spirit guiding us? I’m hoping that my heart & mind is restored soon! Thank you for offering a sign of hope and advice on how to look for Gods direction.
        About DD, its going to always bug me because it was a granddaughter that they don’t show anymore. I do know that it was on the pilot episode. If you ever see Miss Kay, if you think about asking her, ask her what grand daughter was she looking for a birthday animal for? The daughter I reference had dark hair just like miss Kay. I absolutely trust that you say there’s no daughter but I know there was a daughter or daughter in law with a grand daughter who also lived in a trailer. It shouldn’t be bothering me so much but it does bc I have a really good memory and something is strange there. Regardless, its not that important. I’m just so in love with this family and that they openly pray and talk about God! Of course I love Missy the most bc we share the same name & bc she’s married to Jas who is hilarious:) I didn’t know if this was addressed on your blog because I read mostly your other blog about the bible more than the quack pack but did you say that Phil & Kay really do live in that home or do they have a different home now? Did you meet them through church? I think the world loves them so much because they embody what’s right- love, God, family, commrodary, and laughter! Its refreshing to a world so wrapped up in sin and sadness. My husband and I always give our friends crap about how we were friends at episode 1, before everyone started to like them but what I love the most is that all of our bible study say the same thing…we all wish we were part of the family or friends with them because they feel like our type of people and some of that is probably because living in the Midwest and our hubbies farm & hunt a lot!!! Anyhow, thanks again for commenting and for having a blog that connected with me during a rough spot. I am grateful!

      • Missy, It’s kind of cliche’ but my answer is “Faith it ’til you make it”.
        Faith is not nearly as important as the object of our faith. He is constant
        and we keep believing in Him, depending on Him, and doing the next right thing,
        things will be OK. Remember that God’s presence with you, even the Holy Spirit
        in you, is not verified by how we feel. Don’t allow your emotions to to tell you
        what is true. The Bible says “By faith we understand that the worlds were made
        by the Word of God”. The Scriptures say God spoke things into existence and we
        believe it. That same kind of faith appropriates all that God promises for
        you in your daily living. If you continue if faith, soon your emotions will
        catch up with your heart. Remember this! Your emotions will lie to you.

  4. That is a huge eye opener, your emotions will lie to you. After you said that I wrote down all that I’ve been feeling which has been quite a long list but I am now going back and finding scripture that says different. I absolutely appreciate your advice, it was a perspective I hadn’t thought of or heard before. Thank you so much!!! I’m just trying to remember that God knows what He’s doing every single moment and I have to trust that my path has purpose even if its painful at this time. Anyhow, thanks again, have a wonderful day!!!

  5. Hey Royce, My family and I met you outside the Duck Commander warehouse on Friday afternoon 12/2713. We drove 1150 miles down from Pittsburgh, hung out at the warehouse for about 3 hours, and turned around and drove 1150 miles back home. We are relatively new fans of DD but we were immediately attracted to the void in America that the Robertson’s fill. Their message of family and faith is so needed these days, with all the negative immoral crap that is all over the TV. We have 4 kids under 12 years old and it can be a real challenge to keep them all on the right path with all the outside influence out there. Please tell the DD family thank you for making family and all things good and kind popular again. We would have loved to run into some of the family on Friday while we were there and thank them ourselves, but I know, take number and get in line!!!
    It was a pleasure talking with you on Friday. We googled your name and your blog came up. I’ve read a fair amount of what you have posted and just want to commend you on a job well done! It’s nice to know there are still a few people out there with some commonsense and good values.
    My wife and I were both raised Roman Catholic including years of catholic school. I have gone away from the Catholic church. They spent to much time asking me for money(and more specifically how much I should pay them based on my income) and not enough time on God. I still have God very much in my heart, maybe just not the Catholics version of it. I have the kids enrolled in a Catholic Sunday school but to this point, they have not opened a Bible in class. I may have to explore a Church like the one you and the Robertsons attend with a less conventional style.
    You mentioned one of the camera guys was diagnosed with cancer when we talked Friday. We will keep him in our prayers.
    Keep up the great work and hopefully the good morals the Robertsons and yourself hold will take hold in this country and start to turn this place around. To make it great again!!!
    Thanks for taking 5 minutes out of your busy day to talk with us Pennsylvania rednecks… I noticed an old Studebaker emblem at the top of the page. You also told us you were at a body shop for years. Do you play with any old cars? I’m a gear head at heart so I was just curious!
    The Shusters Rob Sr. (40), Carla (43), Bekah(12), Natalie(11), Laura(9), Robert Jr(7)

    • Rob, It was such a pleasure to meet you and your family. Thank you for your kindness.

      I certainly appreciate your concern for your children’s spiritual futures. I wish you could have stayed longer and gone to church with me this morning. A dear couple (and employees of Duckcommander) gave their testimony about their lives before and after they surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ.

      Our church is a melting pot of former rebels whose lives have been radically shaped for the better since entering a faith relationship with Jesus. Many church ministries are largely focused on “do this…” and “don’t do that…”. People can try all sorts of things to modify their behavior, to change for the better, and can have some success. If we measure ourselves by ourselves we can see some marked improvement. I can always find someone who is not quite as good as me, in my estimation. But, God measures differently. He measures us by his righteous standards and every human, after being evaluated by that standard, falls into the same category, “Ungodly!” Even when we are doing right about everything we still fall far short of God’s demand for sinless perfection. That is not good news!

      But, there is good news. It was precisely for “ungodly” people that Jesus came into the world as a man, lived a perfect life and willingly died a cruel death, bearing all of our sins. So that to everyone who will put their whole trust in Jesus and surrender to him completely him, God credits Christ with our sins (past, present, and future) and credits us with Christ’s perfect righteousness. He freely gives the promise of eternal life and the future resurrection of our bodies and a future with him and all the others who are God’s family.

      That’s a very brief snap-shot of our churches teachings. Religion is men and women doing things to gain favor with God, trying to get him to like them better, or make their lives easier. True Christianity is what God has done in the person and work of Jesus Christ on behalf of sinful human beings who are helpless and hopeless unless he comes to their rescue.

      I write another blog and think you might enjoy reading some of it. A post you might find interesting is this one. http://gracedigest.com/2010/08/03/i-worship-with-these-folks/ . It is several years old but gives you a good idea of who I am and who we are at our church.

  6. Hey, brother Royce,
    I just found your blog and looks like we like about the same things (fishing, coffee on the porch, cars, collard greens, etc….and more. You and Carol are precious people, and I was truely blessed meeting y’all at West Monroe a little over a month ago, Thanks for the time you spent with us and really enjoyed all of our conversations and fellowship that weekend. I assume Bev delivered to you the picture of Sam in the wheelchair holding the DD picture that you gracefully obtained for us to present to Sam. His mom wrote me a kind letter along with the picture, hope you got to read it. You made it all possible brother. Sometimes little things we do for people are more appreciated than a lot of the biggies. Having grown up in the COC, and been to dozens of them over a lifetime, and I can tell you for a fact that WFRCOC is not your average one. The worship at WFR was outstanding as well as the teaching. And WOW!, the prayer for the sick calling the elders to anoint them with oil as we are instructed to do in James 5:14, and the members actually raising hands worshiping the Lord with inspirational songs that were very uplifting, not just the old songs in the old hymnals that we all grew up singing. Its great to see the Sunday night home meetings, it really helps people feel close to others and fell a part. We are all suppose to be off the milk eventually and on solid food (preaching, teaching, and eventually being a deacon or elder….Heb 5:12 – 6:3} and the home groups allow that to flourish. I pity those who only develop themselves as pew warmers. The WFRCOC utilizes the facilities there unlike most others do. It has so many ministries going on that the building is well utilized and the resources are spent as it should be (we are entrusted to manage what God has allowed us to take care of as part of the kingdom). Many others I’m afraid allow their facilities to remain idle during the rest of the week, which to me is almost robbing God. The Lord will continue to bless your church and your grief ministry. Most large churches end up like governments, unless they stick to their founding principles. I really like a small body for closeness and to gain maturity, but with your Sunday eve home groups, numerous ministries, and the WFRCOC sticking to its foundation principles, I would say it has to be a super church. I felt right at home there. If you get a chance, let Bev, Burly, Laverne, Phil, Tommy, Carol, and Mike know my impression of one of the finest COC’s in the world. Hope to come back there someday soon whether traveling to the Florida panhandle or Mississippi to visit relatives, or just get away to enjoy your neck of the woods, maybe fish, eat at El Chicos or where you get bread pudding with the whiskey sauce and collard greens. God bless,
    Ji Clay (also known by Phil as “Oklahoma”}

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